How to order tombstone?

To make ordering easier we have placed here small explanation on how to order.

1. Look at the tombstone 

Our tombstones are seperated according to the shape. You can find tombstones with straight edges, tombstones with natural edges, tombstones with arcs, tombstones with chandelier or special tombstones.
If you cannot find suitable form for tombstone please contact us either through e-mail or over the phone and we will find suitable one. 

2. Look at the fonts

Fonts are important part of tombstone. Engravings are done by sandblasting after which they are gilded or colored with your choosen paint or they are not colored at all. Also bronze letters are classy and resistant. Bronze decorations give tombstone dignity. Especially for surname we can warmly suggest bronze letters.

3. Look for a bronze decoration or sandblasted decoration

With decorations it is possible to bring out deceased personality. Decorations can tell you many things: deceased hobbies, preferences, occupatioon or other important information. Decorations can be made by sandblasting or choosen from bronze decorations in which case they are attached to the tombstone. If you are interested in some particular decoration please contact us so we can serve you best.

4. Request a quote.

When image of a tombstone is born it is time to request a quote.
You can request a quote by e-mail:
or over the phone  +3726588081, +3725164525
To make you an offer we need to know following:
 * what kind of tombstone have you choosen from our range. If you have not found suitable one please send us measures and shape or indicative drawing of desiered tombstone
 * tombstones font and decoration that you have choosen
 * the name of a deceased, birth and death time so that we could make you a design for your approval
 * name of a city where you want the tombstone to be delivered
We make you a design and in the same time you will receive also exact info about all the costs. 
By requesting a quote you will not commit to anything

5. Place an order

When tombstone, design that we have made you and the offer is suitable you can place an order.
When all the details have been agreed we will start the production